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New by us: the scooters from Micro! The ideal present for the coming holiday!

20/11/2018 News

Beginning with the emicro scooter. If you value high-tech items and want to get out and in the city in a way, which is both quick and athletic, then the emicro one is perfect for you. 
Using electric power, the sophisticated sensor recognises and supports the rider’s kick to the floor – a unique riding experience! The emicro one is light and compact but at the same time, powerful and fast. With the emicro one, the daily commute becomes an active outdoor experience, where you have the freedom to fold the ultra-compact scooter at any time and take it along on the train or in the car. The emicro one is the perfect vehicle for active urban people. 

For those people, who don’t want an electric scooter there is the Micro flex 200mm. Elegant, compact and comfortable – that is the Micro Scooter Flex. Its flexible wood and fiberglass deck sways in unison with the motion during the ride, skilfully absorbing any shocks and vibrations on uneven roads. Ideal for relaxed city tours or as a companion on the way to work. The superior-quality PU (polyurethane) wheels have a diameter of 200 mm, thanks to the thickness and quality of the PU, the wheels absorb bumps, contributing to a very smooth ride. Available in three different colours.

Also the younger generation can benefit from the scooters! Not many extras, but still that familiar Micro quality – that is the Micro Scooter Sprite in a modern look. The compact size and light weight makes it the ideal Micro Scooter for kids or beginners. The low weight pays off when carrying the scooter, while also making handling easier when riding it. This versatile aluminium scooter has been a popular companion for years – among kids going to school and also commuters.


Visit us soon and make your dearests an unique present for Christmas!