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Vello Bike+, the first self-charging electric folding bike: for a powered-up ride and endless freedom!

28/05/2019 News

It gives you the extra power whenever you need it: steep ascents, quick acceleration, headwinds. With the new smart technology from Bike+ by ZEHUS, the all-in-one system changes the motor map automatically and continuously in order to keep the battery charged at all times. Energy is harvested by riding downhill, braking and pedalling. Mechanical energy is converted into electrical energy thanks to the integrated kinetic energy recovery system (KERS). Additional energy is released to recharge the lightweight, integrated lithium-ion battery, allowing the bike to recharge without a power outlet, extra wires or having to remove the battery.

Ride up to 25km/h for an unlimited number of kilometres in “self-charging mode”, or in “turbo mode” about 50km on a full charge with no effort. As soon as you start pedalling, the motor will start pushing. You can connect the bike via Bluetooth to your phone. Choose between six different electric-assistance modes.

It is built for people with a fast-paced lifestyle who take no prisoners!